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Team Durango Confirms All-New 1/8-Scale Vehicles

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Team Durango has informed us that after months of forum talk and public speculation created by Pro racer Ryan Lutz publicly testing his DNX8 Nitro Buggy Prototype that there will in fact be an entirely new line of Team Durango 1/8-scale off-road vehicles in the works. Team Durango says they are excited to confirm the upcoming release of four new vehicles which means, of course, all-new kits with all-new names. Here’s what we’ll see:

DEX8 – 1/8-Scale Electric Buggy
DEX8T – 1/8-Scale Electric Truggy
DNX8 – 1/8-Scale Nitro Buggy
DNX8T – 1/8-Scale Nitro Truggy

TD states there will be a host of racer-oriented features packed into each new vehicle; the Team Durango 1/8-Scale product range is set to provide even more tuning, faster and easier maintenance, and vehicles can be set up to be as unique as each racer requires, adding a new layer of forgiving handling that allows you to push even harder on the track.

Stay tuned to rcdriver.com over the next few weeks as more information is released regarding this new fleet of Team Durango race machines.

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