Monday, April 22, 2024

How To Spray An RC Body With Duratrax RC Car Paint

For some reason, painting an RC body scares people and we get it. If you’ve never painted a body before, you’re probably worried about how to mask the body, how to hold the paint can, how far away to spray it, how much you spray and many other things. But painting a body doesn’t have to be scary. Sure it takes some practice and you might mess up the first body or two. But painting can actually be pretty easy if you take your time and have the right tips to help you out. We think you can do it and create a great paint job with some “how to” tips and tricks you’ll find in this video. Greg has to paint a body for his Arrma Infraction, so he grabbed a bunch of Duratrax Spray paint and filmed the process of painting the body. There’s tons of great info here to help out anyone from newbies to pros.

Note: Always wear a mask and spray paint in well ventilated areas.

Duratrax RC Car Paint
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