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JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor Body With Bigfoot 19 Racer Stripe

One of the new releases from JConcepts is the great-looking JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor body with Bigfoot 19 Racer Stripe stickers. The monster truck seen is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the likes of the new Losi LMT and the Axial SMT10 and that has in-turn spawned the release of aftermarket parts for these massive wheeled monsters. Thumbs up to JConcepts for their contributions in this segment.

JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor With Bigfoot 19 Racer Stripe


JConcepts has teamed up with Bigfoot 4×4 to offer officially licensed decal sets to go along with branded body shells. The Bigfoot 19 Racer Stripe stickers includes all logos associated with the JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor With Bigfoot 19 Racer Stripetruck in one of the more famous and current trim packages. The included body shell, a 2020 Ford Raptor, is the work of the JConcepts crew always looking to offer the best performing and most accurate presentation on the market.

The Raptor launches quick with its low-slung design, snoopy front-end and detailed representation. The grille area is heavily recessed, so the included decals lock into place and high-end looks intimidate anyone at the starting line. Upper louvers, hard-edge hood impressions help create a strong and durable mounting area for the body and matches the 1:1 as a racer.

The cab is Raptor-ized, with center channel, recessed front windshield and side windows to provide rigidity to the area. The extra cab window has an included decal to help boldly display supporting sponsorships. Travel back to the bed area, the pronounced rear fenders make the truck pop, and in addition, the 2020 truck carves out a new detail with another layered body panel for a new edgy feature. The slight bed recess allows plenty of space for body mounting and trim-able space for rollbars and items found on chassis’ such as the Axial SMT10.

The rear of the fender is recessed for included decals for taillights. The surface representing blank space in the 1:1 world can be left as a subdued tailgate or cut or trimmed to a specific liking. One of the most important parts of any shell are the wheel wells. The JConcepts produced Ford Raptor has larger openings with flares to give clearance accurately and deliberately for large tires like the racing Renegades.

JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor With Bigfoot 19 Racer Stripe

The clear JConcepts body shell includes Ford Raptor decal sheet, Bigfoot 4×4 decal sheet, window mask, and instructions. The genuine body shell is backed with JConcepts customer support and racing heritage.


  • Officially licensed by Ford to JConcepts
  • Bigfoot 4X4 decal and Racer Stripes officially licensed to JConcepts
  • Body measures 7.25″ in width and 12-13″ semi-adjustable wheelbase
  • Fits a variety of platforms including solid axle race trucks
  • Scale inspired body, cab, and window design
  • 1:1 headlight and grill treatment
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed 2020 Ford Raptor decal sheet

For more information, visit: JCONCEPTS

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