Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Nitro Engine Break-In – Inside The NovaRossi Engine Room

We’ve unearthed another neat video we took in the past. This time it was from our trip to Italy for a full tour of the NovaRossi engine factory. This trip took place back in 2014, but it’s a trip we’ll never forget. In the factory, we got a tour of each section where NovaRossi engines are made as well as the engine accessories. It was pretty amazing to see what goes into making an engine. But towards the end of our tour was a real treat. One of the NovaRossi engine techs had just bolted up an engine onto a break-in stand in their engine room and proceeded to show us how they break in a brand new engine for their factory drivers. Now the video clip you are about to see is just step one of the break-in procedure which is running the engine fitted with a prop for about ten minutes (after its up to temperature) nearly at full throttle while monitoring temps and RPM. Unfortunately we’ve lost our notes of break-in run time durations, frequency or break-in runs, prop sizes, fuel type and so on, but it’s still a cool video to see. After the break-in there is a video clip that includes some of the discussion we had about the break-in that will give you some idea about the temperatures and RPM. Please note the audio can be a bit high pitch during the break-in part and the GoPro mic quality is a bit poor during the discussion, but we wanted to include everything we had in case someone finds it interesting. Please feel free to discuss your break-in tips in the comments section to help out anyone searching for nitro engine break-in help.

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