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Oval racing with PROTOform bodies


Looking back at the posts on our website for the last few weeks, we noticed how heavy it was with off-road vehicles and accessories. It is no secret in our hobby that the off-road segment has a larger following than the on-road segment. With that said, the on-road side is still quite big particularly the racing scene. We at RC Driver are fans of the on-road side and collectively own quite a few pavement pounding vehicles and wanted to give some love to the on-road side of things. For this story we turned to our friends at Pro-Line. Pro-Line is one of the RC companies out there that caters to both the off- and on-road segments. For on-road, especially the racing scene, Pro-Line uses their brand PROTOform. PROTOform makes on-road tires, wheels, accessories and is best known for its outstanding on-road race bodies. Here we are highlighting PROTOform oval bodies.

PROTOform oval bodies


Gen3-C Light Weight Clear Body (#1237-25)

PROTOform oval bodies
Kicking of the list of PROTOform oval bodies is the latest offering from PROTOform designed specifically for the oval racer and enthusiast, the Gen3-C Light Weight Clear Body (#1237-25). Obviously, the most popular form of full size oval racing is NASCAR. The NASCAR Nationwide Series has created a racecar that is totally unique. Compared to previous years, the nose and grill area mirror more detail and brand identity. The PROTOform Gen3-C oval body follows what was done in the Nationwide Series and even shares the “kicked-up” rear quarter panels seen on the full size racers. This increases downforce without the penalty of an oversized spoiler. PROTOform includes an add-on blade spoiler and a double step splitter/spoiler for the front valance. The left side still features a bumped out area for added battery clearance and left side weight bias. At the rear window/trunk rail has been enlarged just like the 1:1 NASCAR racer.

PROTOform oval bodies
Features an add-on blade spoiler and a double step splitter/spoiler on the front valance.


Like all PROTOform oval bodies, the Gen3-C is sold in crystal clear polycarbonate and lets you lay down the paint scheme of choice. The Gen3-C is produced with the best in quality .025 polycarbonate. PROTOform gives you the spoiler mounting hardware, protective film, window masks and a decal sheet. This body will also fit most popular 200mm sedan chassis.



ORT Truck Clear Body (#1227-21)

PROTOform oval bodies

The stand out in the group of PROTOform oval bodies is the ORT Truck Clear Body (#1227-21) since it is the only truck. With close inspection of the body, you can see styling cues and aerodynamic treatments from all four of the brands represented in the NASCAR truck series are incorporated onto the ORT body. From its molded-in front splitter to its add-on rear spoiler…it’s a serious race body. PROTOform gave it two sets of trim lines for both carpet/foam racing (4.5-inch minimum height) and outdoor-capped tire racing (4.75-inch minimum height).

The PROTOform oval bodies ORT comes with clear protective film to keep paint overspray from ruining the body, spoiler mounting hardware and window masks that make the painting process easier. The ORT decal sheet features optional headlight and grill styles as well as all the Craftsman Truck’s body details. According to PROTOform, testing has proven that the ORT truck body performs as well as it looks. It turns in hard and comes off stable.


RT-C Light Weight Clear Body (#1239-25)

PROTOform oval bodies
Next in the list is the PROTOform RT-C Light Weight Clear Body (#1239-25) which was modeled after the NASCAR XFINITY series cars. The RT-C has a bit of a twist though, as it is configured to fit perfectly over the taller rubber and capped tires being used in today’s oval racing. Rubber tires on carpet oval care have put driving skill and a new element of fun into the oval scene. There are also some welcome benefits of running the longer lasting rubber tires like saving time and money because it eliminates the tire truing process. PROTOform gave the RT-C a large rear spoiler to aid in turning thus giving it that perfect front and rear balance. You will notice that the left side of the body is bumped out for extra battery clearance. High-quality .025 polycarbonate is spec’d for the RT-C and is equipped with spoiler mounting hardware, protective overspray film, window masks and a nice detail decal sheet.


T-HD Pro-Lite Weight Clear Body (#1226-22)

PROTOform oval bodies
Last but not least is the PROTOformT-HD Pro-Lite Weight Clear Body (#1226-22). It has proven to be the most versatile and successful oval race body on the market since its debut back in 2009. This T-HD is being offered in Pro-Lite material for more weight savings which yields more speed. PROTOform made this body so that it will fit all the latest and most popular oval pan-car chassis designs. You will also find that is has several molded-in trim lines so that it can be mounted to meet TOUR body height specifications for capped tire racing, foam tires racing as well as the ultra-slammed style of racing. The T-HD has a high downforce design specifically for flat tracks.

Additionally, PROTOform incorporated its extensive body science and aero-tweaks to allow some room for fore and aft adjustments so that you can find the perfect handling balance. Like you will find on other oval bodies, the T-HD has a bumped out left side for added battery clearance and includes an add-on spoiler extension complete with mounting hardware. To help secure your success is a nicely painted body, PROTOform gives you window masks, paint-then-peel overspray film and a nice detail decal sheet.



Along with the aforementioned bodies, there are two cool tools we want to recommend that will help you achieve a perfect finished oval body. The PROTOform Better Edge System Sanding Drum (#6103-00) and the Better Edge System Sanding Block (#6108-00).

The Sanding Drum is an ideal tool for those of us who take pride in finishing off their concourse-worthy race bodies. Wheel-wells can be tricky to get perfect, but the PROTOform Sanding Drum makes it possible. Just insert the Sanding Drum into your rotary tool and it will smooth out all the imperfections left from cutting the polycarbonate body with scissors. The drum measures 1.5-inches in diameter so it is suitable for many scale of bodies.

PROTOform oval bodies
The Sanding Drum will smooth out all of the imperfections left from cutting your polycarbonate body with scissors.


PROTOform did a really nice job in creating the Sanding Drum. It has red and black anodized aluminum and is finished off with a laser-etched PROTOform logo. The mandrel is made from durable tool steel to prevent damage from your rotary tool’s chuck. Each pre-assembled kit comes with a replaceable high-grade silicon carbide spiral sanding band.

To nicely complement the Sanding Drum, PROTOform developed the Sanding Block. The Sanding Block picks up where the Sanding Drum leaves off and will give you the perfect straight edge and can get to all the nooks and crannies on your race oval body. It is made of injection molded nylon with a shape that is both ergonomic and racy. PROTOform designed the Sanding Block to smooth out scissor imperfections along the long edged of the body. Not only that, the two rounded ends of the block are different radius sizes to fit different parts of the body. One has a 1/4-radius and the other has a 1/2-inch radius. You will find that the Sanding Block will also work great to sand parts as well as tires.

Included with each Sanding Block is a form-fitted strip of high-grade 120 grit sand paper. It is attached to the molded nylon block with a low-profile hook and look system. A second strip of sand paper is included with each Sanding Block.



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