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PROTOform’s Striking VTA Racing Body Offerings


RC racing can be a bit overwhelming with all the tuning and speed that is possible on today’s RC vehicles as well as get to be expensive depending on the class you race in. An awesome solution to help circumvent those issues was the formation of the Vintage Trans-Am (VTA) racing class. The goal was to create a class to provide close racing with a specified chassis, battery, motor, tire and body that also had the added benefit of bringing back the looks of the remarkable full-size cars from Americas racing past. In the VTA series the costs are kept low, speeds down to make it more of a driver’s race and you get to pilot realistic looking vintage racecars. The VTA class continues to thrive around the country and if you are not familiar, it is worth checking into it. To help you along, we put together all of PROTOform’s striking VTA racing body offerings here in one place so that you can see all the great choices you have to choose from to setup your VTA racecar.

PROTOform’s Striking VTA Racing Body Offerings


J71 Clear Body—#1526-00

PROTOform’s Striking VTA Racing Body Offerings

Here is the PROTOform J71 which is a nod to the full size AMC Javelin that was the 1971 Trans-Am Championship winning car. Clearly a lot of effort was put into this body to replicate the styling cues of its full-size counterpart. The front of the car features an add-on nose with air dam. When mounted with shoo goo and 2mm screws, it becomes an integral part of the body. Because this area of a race body is the most prone to racing wear and tear, a second nose is supplied with the body. This configuration allows for molding a lightweight, durable .030 Lexan body, which in turn aids the handling ability of any VTA chassis.

1967 Dodge Dart Clear Body—#1579-30

PROTOform’s Striking VTA Racing Body Offerings

The 1967 Dodge Dart is one of the latest VTA body releases from PROTOform. Again it is a throwback to the glory days of American road racing thus making the Dart a great pick for VTA racing. The original Dodge Dart from the 60’s had a flat-sided, compact muscle look which was nicely captured by PROTOform’s artists. This replica of the 3-time winning car comes to you molded in 1/10-scale and purpose built to fit 190mm touring car chassis for VTA racing. If needed, you can tune the aero effects by installing the included rear spoiler. Not surprisingly, the body is officially licensed and meets all the VTA class rules. It is molded from a single piece of high-quality, light-weight polycarbonate, comes with a detailed decal sheet with stripes to decorate the rear end like the real car along with protective overspray film and window masks.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Clear Body—#1562-40

PROTOform’s Striking VTA Racing Body Offerings

Out of this group of VTA bodies, this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 body is probably the most recognizable due to its iconic styling. Famed race driver, Mark Donohue, raced this car back in the day and won the 1969 Trans-Am series championship. The Chevrolet Camaro Z28 could be seen dominating the racetrack as well as tearing up the streets thus making the ’69 Camaro one of the most loved American V8 powered muscle cars. PROTOform captured its iconic look in 1/10-scale complete with deep-set grille and headlights, side louvers and triple-lens tail lights. The latest molding technology was used to form this body from a single piece of high-quality polycarbonate while still maintaining realistic front and rear undercuts. This officially-licensed product meets all VTA Class rules and includes a detailed decal sheet, protective overspray film and window masks to help ensure you end up with a great looking finished product when the paint has dried.


1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Clear Body—#1552-40

PROTOform’s Striking VTA Racing Body Offerings

Okay, so maybe the 1969 Camaro is not your thing and you prefer a later model. PROTOform has you covered with this sharp-looking 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. PROTOform was able to replicate the distinctive split bumper configuration along with all the other signature Z28 details that make this body look realistic. This body comes out of the packaging in one piece so there are no added pieces you have to attach to the body. Don’t worry that overall appearance is hindered because PROTOform was able to capture the looks of the front and rear undercuts that gives the ’71 Z28 its stunning looks. Like the rest of the bodies shown here, the ’71 Z28 meets the VTA class rules and comes with a detail decal sheet, window masks and overspray film.

1968 Ford Mustang Clear Body—#1558-40

PROTOform’s Striking VTA Racing Body Offerings

Thankfully, PROTOform did not forget about the diehard Ford fans out there and produced the well-known 1968 Ford Mustang in 1/10-scale polycarbonate. PROTOform has achieved exceptional scale detail with the body where it proudly highlights the styling that made the Mustangs from the 60’s admired and cherished. On top of that is the fact that the body comes molded in one piece yet has the front and rear undercuts that in the past could only be achieved by adding additional pieces of polycarbonate that had to be bolted and glued onto the body. PROTOform also put in the extra effort and costs to get this body officially licensed. If you plan to race with it in the VTA series, you can rest assured that it meets all the rules for the class.

1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Clear Body—#1535-30

PROTOform’s Striking VTA Racing Body Offerings


Rounding out this group of PROTOform VTA bodies is this stunning 1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, a signature car of the former full-scale series. Its look was accurately captured by the designers at PROTOform. All the classic features are brought to life on this 1/10-scale version like that aggressive front “beak”, the duck tail-style rear spoiler and the show stopping shaker hood scoop. It is obvious that PROTOform did not overlook any detail. The front nose cone is molded separately and when mounted with the 2mm screws and/or liquid adhesive, it becomes an integral part of the body. As an added bonus a second nose piece is included if the first one needs to be replaced. This licensed Pontiac body is molded in genuine .030 Lexan material and meets all VTA Class rules. The body comes clear with protective overspray film, window masks and a detailed decal sheet that lets you choose to style your Firebird as a full-blown race car, or head-turning street machine.


Once you get one of these great-looking PROTOform bodies selected for your Vintage Trans-Am racecar, complete the package with wheels and tires that are approved for the VTA racing series and look the part. You can also hit the track faster with the following PROTOform tires because they come already glued to the period-looking spoked wheels. Just slide the wheels onto the axle, secure them with a wheel nut and you are ready for action.

The PROTOform VTA mounted tires are available for the front and rear of a VTA car and are fully-approve for U.S. Vintage Trans-Am Racing. Regardless if you are racing on carpet, prepared asphalt or parking lots, these tires can handle it. A special long-lasting tire compound was specifically selected and the molding technology perfected by Pro-Line was utilized.

You will find the PROTOform tires right at home on high-grip CRC carpet where they have proven to be easy-to-drive while able to lay down serious lap times. If you are racing on asphalt, the tires will grip well with surface additives and will even generate a realistic tire screeching sound like you would hear on a full size car diving in and out of corners.

In order to complete the vintage look of a VTA racer, PROTOform selected a durable nylon 8-spoke wheel in which you can choose either a black or white finish. The front wheels are 26mm with a 0 offset while the rear 31mm wheels measure a +6 offset so that they can nicely fill the rear fenders of your 190mm touring car equipped with a PROTOform VTA body.

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