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Rc Racing On Tv

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s May 2015 issue.

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Why isn’t RC touring or any RC racing for that matter televised in the US? It’s an exciting hobby and should be considered a sport. I know alot of people that have never been exposed to RC and once they were, half of them purchased RC vehicles and enjoy it themselves. What can one do to help RC racing grow and become bigger than it’s ever been?
Keith Central California


Hi Keith, There have been a few instances where RC racing has made it to the screen, but typically as a supporting role to some sort of other sporting event. While I agree that RC could be considered a sport, the main problem is exposure and the format with which we race. Up until just recently, no one has taken our industry seriously enough to actually TRY and televise it. It takes a lot of people to man multiple cameras, work the booth and actually make it interesting enough for the un-initiated to want to watch. One company, LiveRC, has been doing an amazing job with their coverage at everything from Regional to World level events, and it’s only going to get better. This just might be what our industry needs to make it mainstream.

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