Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Schumacher Cougar Classic 2WD Buggy Kit

Just announced is the latest in the line of Schumacher Re-release cars, the Schumacher Cougar Classic 2WD buggy kit.

Schumacher Cougar Classic 2WD Buggy Kit


The original Schumacher Cougar was the first of a long line of successful Cougar 2WD buggies which are still winning races today. The original Cougar won the 1990 European Championships with Jurgen Lautenbach. At the same race it also came 2nd, 6th, 8th & 9th in a pretty dominant display.

The Cougar Classic is an authentic re-release using much of the original tooling, but with a few subtle improvements such as fittings for modern LiPo batteries. The Cougar Classic will be a top contender at vintage RC races or will make a fabulous addition to any collection, as one of the most iconic RC cars of all time.


  • High quality alloy chassis.
  • Efficient fiber reinforced drive belts.
  • 14 ball, ball differential, invented by Cecil Schumacher in 1978.
  • Tough polycarbonate bodyshell to keep out the dirt.
  • Original Schumacher tires.
  • Accepts modern shorty LiPo’s.
  • Accepts brushed or brushless motors.
  • Transmission upgrade available to handle modern high powered motors and create a class leading buggy for vintage RC racing.

Schumacher Cougar Classic 2WD Buggy Kit

For more information, visit: SCHUMACHER

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