Thursday, July 25, 2024

Something New and Original – The Xpresso K1

xpress-k1-2 copy

The Xpresso K1 which will be in the form of a “K-Chassis”, the first car released as part of afour-car release this year. You must be wondering what is this new “K-Chassis”? K-Cars or Kei-Car are a type of small car which fits into the lowest automotive tax bracket and they have based this K-Chassis on this branch of automotive car!

The Idea of this car came when the Xpress development team were bashing M-Chassis cars around and suddenly one of their friends brought out a Tamiya WR-02 and an idea came into their minds: “What if we designed a chassis which would be able to accept these bodies? At the start it was just trying to fit these bodies on all sorts of M-Chassis’s but found out it was too much hassle when compared to redesigning a new car! This resulted in the creation of the Xpresso K1!

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