Friday, February 23, 2024

TLR 22SCT Build – Body, Wheels and Tires

The Build – Part 10
In Part 10 we finish up our Losi 22SCT build; the body, the wheels and the tires. Four quick steps…let’s get to it!

Build Notes:
You’ll be using CA glue to bond the tires to the wheels. Be VERY careful with this glue; it bonds fingers to objects just as well as it does the tires!

The 22SCT doesnt’ come with tires simply because Losi isn’t sure where you’ll be running your truck. Letting you choose your own tires helps keep the cost of the truck down (since you may never use the tires they provide anyway).

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 110
For rubber, I went with AKA Handlebar tires all the way around. These should work great on the surface I’m running on. I also chose to use the beadlock style rings instead of the dish covers. I do like the dish covers more, but I’m dying them red to match the truck.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 111
After mounting the tires, slide the front tires onto the axles and secure with the 7mm locknut.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 112
Follow the same instructions as above for the rear tires.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 113
Finally, paint your body and mount it up. Use the 4 body clips to secure. You can raise and lower the body by raising or lowering the body mount posts. For those of you that like to cut the body out (to keep air flowing through it), you can see I did that on this Proline body.

That’s it, you’re done! Now get your 22SCT out to the track and show the competition what’s up!

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