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TLR 22SCT Build – Transmission

The Build – Part 5
In Part 5, I’ll be assembling the transmission of the TLR 22SCT. Although we have the option to build it as a MM (Mid Motor), I’ve opted to build it as a RM (Rear Motor) layout. That’s the most popular at my local track.

Build Notes:
I’ll be working with greases to build the differential. Get some paper towels to help keep things clean.

The slipper pads fit into grooves on the spur gear. The fit is not tight, nor do they ‘snap’ into position, so be careful during this part of the assembly that they don’t fall out of the grooves

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 55
The first step is to build the differential. Put a dab of grease on the outdrives and then seat the rings in place. The grease helps keep the rings attached to the outdrives.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 56
Slide a thrust washer over the thrust screw and apply a liberal amount of black grease…

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 57
…and ‘roll’ it over the small, 2mm balls to ‘pick them up’.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 58
Make sure the balls seat flat against the thrust washer. Now slide the 2nd thrust washer over the assembly.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 59
Insert a 5×8 bearing into the ‘female’ diff housing, then slide the thrust washer assembly into place as shown.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 60
It’s always a good idea to pre-compress any springs. Do this with the diff spring prior to installation.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 61
Drop the spring into the ‘male’ diff half followed by the diff nut housing.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 62
Slide the 5×8 bearing onto the ‘male’ diff housing followed by the diff gear.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 63
Fill the diff ball holes with clear grease. Drop the 14 diff balls onto the diff gear as shown…

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 64
…and move into position, pressing them down into the holes.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 65
Slide the two diff assemblies together and tighten the diff thrust screw. Tighten down until it bottoms out, working the diff every turn or two. Once bottomed out, back it off approximately 1/8 of a turn. It should feel nice and smooth.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 66
Slide the diff thrust nut protecting piece into place.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 67
Attach the transmission case half to the motor plate with the single screw as shown. Add a small dab of threadlock here.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 68
Slide a 5×10 bearing onto the top shaft and insert that assembly into the transmission case.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 69] Assembly the idler gear with two 5×10 bearings as shown.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 70
Slide a pair of 10×15 bearings on to each side of the differential.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 71
Slide the idler gear assembly into place followed by the differential. Make sure the diff thrust screw is facing AWAY from the motor plate.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 72
Slide the opposite transmission case half into place and secure with the three screws (1 3×16, 1 3×35, 1 3×40). A small drop of threadlock on the two longer screws will help keep them from backing out.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 73
Pre-compress the slipper spring.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 74
Slide the red washer onto the top shaft followed by a slipper plate. Both plates are the same and feature a flat spot to key to the top shaft.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 75
Press a slipper pad into the grooves of the spur gear. Slide the gear assembly onto the top shaft. I found it easiest to face the top shaft down (as shown) to make sure the pad stays in the grooves on the gear during assembly.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 76
While holding the spur gear assembly tight (making sure the pad doesn’t fall out of the grooves in the gear)…

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 77
…slide the second slipper pad, second slipper plate, slipper spring, slipper washer and slipper nut into place.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 78
Tighten down, making sure the slipper pads stay in the grooves of the gear. I tighten down quite a bit; final adjustment will need to be done at the track. You can also attach your motor and pinion gear at this time.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 79
Attach the gear cover, followed by the slipper adjustment plug.

Part 6 – Assembling the rear bumper.

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