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Locate Post Holes on a Painted Body

The best time to add the body post holes to your Lexan shell is before it is painted. However, sometimes we might not know what chassis a body will be used on or maybe we will buy a pre-painted body that has not been set up for an specific chassis. Finding the accurate location can be a challenge but this fairly simple method will work on many vehicle and body styles.

The vehicle used here is a Traxxas Stampede. A piece of masking tape is placed across both posts and the centers of the posts are marked with a Sharpie. Remove the tape and fold it in half (on the non-adhesive side) by aligning the dots to each other. The purpose is to find the center. Crease the tape then use the marker to place a tick mark at the center.


The next step is to find the general location for the holes on the body. Place the body on the chassis in the exact desired position. Look at it from the side so you can see the body posts under the shell. Place a small dot on the outside of the body with the marker directly above the post


Use an other small piece of tape to transfer the proper distance to the other side of the body.


Find the center on the body and line up the center tick mark on the tape. Place the tape at the dots made on the body. The intersection where the marks on the body and the edge of the tape meet is where you will drill the body post holes.


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