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JConcepts RM2 Tuning Screwdriver & Bridge Wing Button

Coming from the crew at JConcepts are two new products under the Ryan Maifield Momentum (RM2) name. Here is the JConcepts RM2 Tuning Screwdriver & RM2 Bridge Wing Button for 1/8-scale.

JConcepts RM2 Tuning Screwdriver & Bridge Wing Button

RM2 Engine Tuning Screwdriver – Red

JConcepts RM2 Tuning Screwdriver & Bridge Wing Button

A tuning screwdriver is a racers best friend at the nitro events. A quality flat head design, lengthy tip and accurate handle for making fine adjustments is critical. The RM2 tuning screwdriver by JConcepts is the ticket for the precision minded racer.

The aluminum handle is custom machined, red anodized and spiced with 2nd operation silver highlighting to bring some luster to the pit area. The top of the wrench is capped with injection molded JC plug and the handle itself is topped off with laser etched JConcepts logo for authenticity.

The tip of any wrench is mandatory for function and control. The spring steel flat blade screwdriver is made of multiple pieces and pre-assembled. The tip slides into a sleeve which is secured with beefy set screw located on the adapter itself. The tip is precision ground for shape, angle, and thickness for the all-important engagement into carburetor adjustment screws.

The entire steel tip assembly slides into the handle and snaps into place courtesy of the magnet located in the handle. The magnet has enough holding power to maintain position during use and the occasional drop and pop during normal usage. When it is time to pack-up the pits or drop the footprint, simply pull the tip assembly out and place alongside the handle in the toolbox or bag.


  • JConcepts | RM2 design and styling
  • Tight handle design with red anodizing
  • Grippy handle sections for fine adjustments
  • Assembled tip and adaptor produced in “spring steel”
  • Magnetic assembly for quick use and storage
  • Red anodized with JConcepts.net laser etch
  • Aesthetic jewelry

RM2 Bridge 1/8th Wing Button – Red

JConcepts RM2 Tuning Screwdriver & Bridge Wing Button

Options arrive in the 1/8th off-road scene thanks to JConcepts and Ryan Maifield Momentum. Wing buttons on 1/8th vehicles go through endless torture during competition. The “Bridge” wing button connects two of the “Clover” style items into 1 steady unit. The all-aluminum construction and unique design is a direct bolt-on to buggies and truggies which have a center-to-center screw hole spread of 41mm.

The red anodized part is machined out of billet aluminum and features the RM2 logo for authenticity. The mounting holes are countersunk for a flush attachment and help maintain correct alignment.


  • JConcepts | RM2 design and styling
  • Fits buggy and truggies with 41mm wing mount spacing
  • Light-weight material, unique double “Clover” design
  • Red anodized with RM2 laser etch
  • Aesthetic jewelry

For more information, visit: JCONCEPTS

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