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Sanding Rubber Tires with Muchmore’s Power Truer 2

Muchmore Power Truer 2 Rubber Tire Sander
Muchmore Power Truer 2 Rubber Tire Sander

I’ve been a touring car guy since the first day that segment hit the industry. I love the speed, the handling and most of all, the look! I also enjoy, at times, the work involved in getting the maximum performance out of it.

Muchmore Power Truer 2 Rubber Tire Sander
As a seasoned TC driver, I look at every inch of the car to see where I can muster that extra tenth of a second per lap. One of the areas that people seem to pass on is actually the most obvious…the tires. If you look at a brand new touring car tire, you’ll see a molding line running right down the center. This line can cause the car to have inconsistent handling and, if you’re looking for every ounce of performance, needs to be removed so your TC is 100% awesome right off the bat!

A product I’ve been using for a while to help remove these mold lines is Muchmore’s Power Truer 2 Rubber Tire Sander. This simple little tool is extremely easy to use and does a fantastic job of spooling up the tires to a speed that makes removing the mold lines a snap. Let me show you just how easy it is.

Step 1:
Slide your TC tire onto the hex and secure it with the thumbscrew. The Truer spins up to a mighty pace so make sure your tires are FIRMLY glued to the wheels!
Muchmore Power Truer 2 Rubber Tire Sander

Step 2:
On the back of the Truer is a 3-position switch; to the left, the Truer spins clockwise (CW). To the right, the Truer spins counterclockwise (CCW). The center position turns the unit off. Make sure it is set to the center position and plug the two leads to your power supply (red to positive, black to negative). Firmly grip the Truer with one hand and switch it on. Initial power-up might be a bit startling but as long as you’ve glued your tires on firmly you’ll be good.
Muchmore Power Truer 2 Rubber Tire Sander

Step 3:
Once it is spinning, take your sandpaper and lightly apply it to the mold line in the center of the tire. This should slowly start removing the line. Do not apply too much pressure or you’ll start grinding too much rubber; you only want to remove the mold line.
Muchmore Power Truer 2 Rubber Tire Sander

Step 4:
Once you’re satisfied with your removal process, turn the Power Truer 2 off, unscrew the thumbscrew and start on the next tire.
Muchmore Power Truer 2 Rubber Tire Sander

Simple, right? The whole process takes all of about five minutes but the initial performance you gain on that new set of tires will definitely give you an advantage!

Racer Tip: The two switch positions don’t give any advantage to the process, it is simply a preference thing. I should note, however, that you want the grinding process to be going AWAY from your face, i.e. if you flip the switch to the right (or CCW), you’ll want to grind as shown in Step 3. This will keep any rubber bits shooting towards the floor and not your eyeballs.

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