Friday, June 22, 2018
Spartan Rock n' Roll; 50+mph, 6s Brushless, Howling Fury on the Water

Foam Sheets Quiet RC Body Rattles

RC Tip - Bye Bye Rattle Body

Craft stores are great sources for ideas. Adhesive backed foam sheets are ideal for providing a more secure fit for your RC body. Cut a circle a little larger than the top of the body post and slice an X …

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Zip Ties Tighten loose Spectrum Antenna

RC Tip - Spread Spectrum Antenna Security

The hinged area of your 2.4gHz transmitter antenna can become loose, preventing it from staying where you need it. A pair of zip ties wrapped around the base will squeeze it just enough to take out the slop. Tip by …

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Pivot Ball Access

RC Tip - Pivot Ball Access

Some vehicles use small rubber caps to keep dirt from the pivot balls on the knuckles. To adjust or remove the pivot ball without having to remove this cap you can slice an X into the center to allow the …

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Easy Temp Check

RC Tip: Easy Temp Check

It’s important to keep your nitro engine’s temps in check. A simple, inexpensive way to do that is with a thermal strip temp gauge. This type is used in motocross. Simply place the strip on your engine’s head and wait …

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Tattoo Your Car Body

RC Tip - Tattoo Your Car Body

This is not the first time this has been featured but it’s worth repeating. Temporary tattoos can be used as internal graphics for your Lexan shells. Apply them as directed on the inside of the body, wait for it to …

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Simple Solder Joint

RC Tip - Simple Solder Joint

Alligator clips act as extra hands, especially when it comes to soldering wires together. Tin both wires, clamp with an alligator clip then apply heat with the soldering iron. Tip by Brian Hutto

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Quick-Release Transponder

RC Tip - Quick-Release Transponder

Transponders are a little pricey for some of us if we want to race in several classes. It makes sense to just switch your transponder from one car to the other. A servo extension that is installed and left outside …

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Easy Glow Plug Installation

RC Tip - Easy Glow Plug Installation

If your glow plug wrench has lost its grip you can get your plugs started by using a section of fuel tubing as shown. Once the threads have been started the tubing will easily pull right off and the plug …

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Twist-Free Slider Shafts

RC Tip - Twist-Free Slider Shafts

Brushless power can wreak havoc on plastic slider type driveshafts. You can increase their strength with a wooden dowel rod. Cut to fit the entire length of the inside of the male side of the shaft, leaving a bout a …

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Light Up Your Slash

RC Tip - Light Up Your Slash

HPI baja 5B lights can be easily added to the front of your Slash for some nighttime fun. Drill a ¼-inch hole on each side of the front bumper mount. The light housings have tabs on two sided of the …

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Emergency Nuts

RC Tip - Emergency Nuts

If you need a nut in a pinch take a look at your selection of zip ties in your pit box. You may have one that can be used as a nut for low stress applications in an emergency. Tip …

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Disposable Work Surface

RC Tip - Disposable Work Surface

It is easier to work on our vehicles when we don’t have to be too concerned with damaging the work surface. Foam insulation comes in thin sheets folded like an accordion. The panels are about 2 x 4 ft. and …

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Stripe It Up

RC Tip - Stripe It Up

Electrical tape is available in various colors. It can be used to create stripes and other designs on the exterior of your Lexan bodies. You are only limited by your ability to safely and creatively wield a sharp hobby knife. …

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Toothless Alligator (Clips)

RC TIps - Toothless Alligator (Clips)

If you use “Helping Hands” to aid in your soldering jobs you already know that the teeth on the alligator clips can damage the casing on some wires. Eliminate this possibility by crimping the teeth flat with a pair of …

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Easy Diff Ball Install

Easy Diff Ball Install

Ball differentials may be a beneficial upgrade to your RC vehicle but building them can be tedious, at best. A small hex tool with a dab of grease on the tip will let you pick up the ball and drop …

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